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Updated: May 14

An artists collaboration project with

Our creative community as imagined by Parth Trivedi
Parth Trivedi created us an art gang off to find new inspirations

We have launched a really exciting artist collaboration project! Parth Trivedi is a fantastic Midlands based artist and photographer who has created a collection of brilliant new designs to be featured across a range of our merchandise!

We first met artist Parth when he stopped to talk at a live painting event we were hosting with Worcester Fringe Festival back in July, joining in to draw on our Posca pen doodle table. We mentioned our upcoming deadline for movie inspired artwork for our ‘Lights, Camera…Paint’ art trail. With only two days left to submit Parth entered a Batman inspired artwork and went on to be our first place competition winner for 2023! 

Here Parth was drawing on our community canvas at Worcester Fringe Festival.
The first time we met Parth

After chatting to Parth and hearing his passion for creativity we just knew we had to work with him again. Together we have come up with three ideas that really emphasise our Artists Clubhouse ethos, promoting the idea that we are a club, a community or maybe even a gang (picture the Stranger Things kids hanging out on their bikes, but instead of carrying the weight of saving the world in their backpacks, they are saving each others mental state through encouragement, empowerment and creativity, with their backpacks instead full of art supplies)…a club for all creatives to feel belonging and community; together, going out to promote the benefits of making an arty mess to your mind, to all those who haven’t yet found their creative medium. 

A snake wrapped around his art tools
The 'Snake Bite' Print

Our 'Snake Bite' design features a design of a snake holding on tightly to his tools, a pen, a pencil and a paintbrush , knowing exactly how important they are to him and his happiness.

A Rock'n'Roll fist holding crossed art supplies as you might imagine drum sticks
The 'ARTful Dodger' print

Our 'ARTful Dodger' design features a hand positioned in a rock ’n’ roll sign holding a paintbrush and pen, showing how passionate we are about 


A skull grips a paintbrush between his teeth
The 'Bite Me' Print

Our 'Bite Me' design features a skull gripping a paintbrush between his teeth, symbolising the importance of creative tools to your brains wellbeing.

A skull is used as a pen pot filled with creative tools
The 'Distracted Rebellion' Print

Our 'Distracted Rebellion' design features a skull full of creative tools, symbolising the importance of creativity to your brains wellbeing.

Working with Parth has been fantastic, he understood our vision really quickly and ran with it to create three fantastic designs that we will be featuring on a range of products just in time to meet all your Christmas gift needs. By purchasing any of our products you will be supporting us in our creative projects, from our workshops supporting mental health - to bringing opportunities for people to share their artwork no matter their background, circumstances or skill level, which I think makes you pretty awesome!

Artist Parth Trivedi at home drawing in his sketchbook
Artist Parth Trivedi

Get to know Parth Trivedi and his arty creations a little better…

How did you get in to art?

Hello, I am Parth & I am self-taught artist from Worcester. I got into art from a very young age by watching cartoons and reading comic books. I was always fascinated by the different art styles and how a story can be told through drawings. I continued to pursue art as a hobby teaching myself different mediums during the lockdown (COVID-19 pandemic) and connecting with different artists around the world on Instagram. Lately, I have been enjoying drawing after a busy day at work as I find it therapeutic and a perfect way to relieve stress.

Describe your art style in 3 words.. 




Tell me about your favourite medium and why?

My favourite medium is fineliner as I love the feel of pen on paper and the control that it brings especially when hatching or stippling. Being a fan of comic books, I also find that I can create illustrations resembling comic books with a fineliner very easily. It also presents a nice challenge as it is difficult to mask the mistakes when inking.

I have also been experimenting with dip pens, brushes and a bottle of black indian ink as they are widely used by comic book artists although with the increased interest in digital art, more comic book artists are using digital inking tools due to the workflow being easier – I do miss the ‘undo’ button when inking on paper! 

Who are you biggest artistic influences and where do you like to go to see art?

I love the work of Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Alex Ross, Neal Adams & Phlegm – I am always amazed by their work due to their unique art styles. I love visiting museums and art galleries. In August this year, I visited the Moco Museum in Amsterdam where there was an exhibition of Banksy’s work. I love Banksy’s art style and the messages behind his artworks. The great thing about being an artist is that inspiration can come from anywhere – Whether I am visiting museums, walking down the street admiring a mural or sitting in a coffee shop and looking at a painting on the wall.

Favourite art piece you have seen recently?

My favourite art piece I have seen recently is the artwork by Phlegm on Sutcliffe and Co Insurance Brokers’ Head Office (Foundry Street, Worcester). This mural was a part of Worcester Paint Festival. It is truly amazing to look at! The detail in the artwork is jaw-dropping! I highly recommend it to anyone who has not seen it.

Do you have a favourite artist at the moment?

I love the work of London artist, Phelgm. He is well known for creating surreal illustrations from his imagination with mystical and unreal creatures. His work is mostly in monochrome but is very detailed (which is something I admire!).

I especially love how he replicates the dip pen technique and black indian ink on a larger scale with spray paint bringing the urban landscapes to life with his mural.

Favourite piece of artwork you have created recently?

Worcester’s Watchful Protector (It has to be! ??)

Batman protectively overlooks Worcester
Parth's winning artwork from Lights, Camera...Paint 23

What one piece of advice do you have for others who want to be more creative?

Keep practicing, don’t be afraid to take risks & don’t give up! It is good to try new mediums & techniques. Try out an art challenge (e.g. Inktober) or use a random word generator online to give yourself 3 words to draw & let your imagination go wild! 

Find more from Parth here:


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