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New, New, New!!

Updated: May 14

We are changing things up this year with a new website, new online course and a new focus on ways to help you feel happier every day, featuring all of our events, workshops and ways for you to get inspired & involved in creativity.

Our new website offers access to free creative inspiration to help people combat the fear of a blank page, this will tie in to our Pinterest and Youtube pages where we will be sharing examples, methods and break downs of all sorts of creative ideas for everyone from creative beginners to artists looking to unblock, all with a focus on enjoyment rather than skill.

You will also find our artists call outs, events and workshops and be able to rsvp for updates to keep you in the know.

 Keep your eyes peeled for the new artists' brief for Lights, Camera...Paint 2024 coming May 17th!

Over the last year we successfully delivered a fantastic project called 'Creative Club' after receiving a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund. We offered free workshops around Worcestershire, teaching local people how to use creative practices to improve mental wellbeing.

During delivery of this project I started to realise that the activities I had created were part of a longer series that I wanted to bring to life. I started writing out my thoughts and working on what else I wanted to add, coming up with activity ideas, researching my facts and figures and building a course that made sense and was easy to follow even if you had no art experience.

The final product is a curated journey designed to support people struggling with negativity, stress or creative block, helping them to build their understanding of the way the brain works whilst using creativity to combat their emotions. This is a self paced course that talks you through the scientific reasons behinds the brains behaviour with fun and creative ways to explore coping mechanisms and easy, simple steps to follow.

So go ahead and explore our website and let us know what you think so far. More inspiration, content and events to be launched in the coming months so watch this space.

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Emily x

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