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These courses are oriented towards fostering creativity, the availability of certain materials may assist you such as scissors, glue and pens for example. We have compiled a list of suggested tools and materials below, though the decision is up to you, based on what you already have readily accessible. You could also consider using items from your recycling bin to create from, such as used packaging, old wrapping paper & junk mail.

Colorful Pens


Felt tips or fine liners. POSCA or acrylic pens are great for drawing over glossy papers and magazine cuttings.

Sketching Materials

Drawing Pencils

A mix of soft & hard pencils

Making Paper Craft Art

Mixed Collage Items

You can purchase collage packs from most craft stores or collect a range of recycling to play with.


A Sketchbook

A4 or larger is probably best to give you more space to experiment but A5 fits more easily in your bag or pocket.

Green Scissors


Small scissors are useful for cutting shapes with more detail.



A glue stick or PVA depending on your preference.


“...I thought I would just take a minute to say thanks to you I've found a whole new interest in my life, I'm finding it very therapeutic and time flies by as I'm sketching. I wouldn't say I can draw by any means but I am getting so much out of it.”

Pat, Art Club Participant

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