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Updated: May 31

Let's explore new ideas, things and places together!

Anxiously exploring new ideas, places and things together to support confidence growth.
Anxious Explorers Club

Let's not do the usual New Year's resolutions; whether you're feeling positive or negative, often the heralding in of the new year leaves us feeling a bit flat. The twinkling lights, merriment and Christmas cheer is replaced with a cold and wet January...and resolutions, no matter the good intentions get left behind for realities quickly.

So instead for 2024 I've decided to challenge myself to a year of explorations! Each month focusing on different areas to explore, both physically and mentally, to attempt to finish 2024 in a more confident and positive place. 

I invite you all to join in and help me create a community of people willing to have a go, no judgements, with clear instructions to help avoid any fears and a willingness to learn something new to you!

Why do I feel that this is better than New Year's resolutions I hear you ask? Well resolutions are often built on negative self beliefs and are based on the idea that you can just give something up that is a long term habit, often based on a coping mechanism. Smoking for example isn't just a habit for fun its often a form of meditation and an escape, I believe that most of us need to build healthier & happier habits before we can just give it up. Fear stops us from doing new things; fear of the unknown, fear of being laughed at for doing something wrong, fear perhaps of what change might bring...those voices in our heads are our childhood coping strategies, put there in the belief that they will protect us from bad things happening. As adults they don't work quite as well, instead stopping us from finding happiness in new things...but unlearning them can be a bitch!!!

Often when we are struggling we return to old favourites, old habits and what we know, stuck in a pattern of the same movies that comfort us, music that is safe and familiar and the places and people that we are used to whether we feel happy or not, it's better the devil we know!

But what if there is a better, happier and more confident world for us out there? 

What if simple changes were the start of a more positive and less anxious existence? It's not easy but together perhaps we can encourage each other, step by step out of our comfort zone and in to the unknown but safely and in manageable bite sized pieces, elevating the anxiety!

Each month we will focus in on a subject or idea; you can join in via social media (we will post any shared images and often post questions on our stories, or you join our Facebook group to be able to chat with other like minded people) and then start sharing what you did or discovered. You can tag me in stories or posts if you want to share or message me on Instagram or Facebook if you would prefer not to share yourself or at all. Doing this online means that anyone can join in from anywhere in the world, hopefully finding new friends and a sense of confidence in knowing that perhaps more people than you thought are just a little bit more anxious than you knew! 

The Explore List:

Each month will focus on a different theme to explore
The years explore list

JANUARY: Music & Films - Sometimes in life you wake up and realise that perhaps the things you think you like were shown to you by others, the music was dictated by partners, friends or family and maybe you don't really feel a connection to these songs anymore or perhaps everyone you work with is raving about this new show and you just don't get it but you smile along to avoid any negative comments towards you. 

Well its time to explore! 

We are starting off simply with exploring new music, tv & movies; I don't necessarily mean newly made, I mean new to you. Perhaps you've never listened to 50's music but you liked an Elvis song you heard once, start there, listen to more music from that era. Perhaps there are movies in your watch lists that you keep feeling 'not in the mood for', well now is the might hate it, you might love it or you might only like part of it; for instance the costumes, style it was filmed in or a certain songs riff or beat. This is where you will learn what you love and what you really don't...this is the place in which you find more confidence. 

FEBRUARY: Art mediums - 

Playing with mixed media in a sketchbook
Getting creative and trying new mediums

At Artists Clubhouse we believe that everyone has a creative hobby in us, we just may not have found it yet so this month lets try new things, whether its something you like the look of or think you would enjoy or perhaps its the opposite of what you already do, maybe its something you liked in the past or is something you want to make for your house? Let's try lots of them and see what we enjoy! It could be drawing or mess making with chalk, pens and paper or knitting, crochet or sewing, photography or film making or maybe its a mixture!

MARCH: Places - 

Exploring new places
Exploring Puzzlewood

Next up is starting to challenge yourself by exploring new places, you could start small by exploring a road nearby that you've never walked down before, or sitting for a short time in a park or green space you've never spent much time in. You could plan in visits to local villages, towns or cities or search for forests, rivers or lakes within driving/walking/public transport distance. Start to notice what your fears are, what holds you back from certain places? Is it the transport, the number of people or lack of people, perhaps the noise or the there a way of over-coming these fears? Could you ask a friend or family member along with you, could you research your route online before going, could you ask questions at a local Tourist Information Centre maybe? Believe it or not starting to be aware of your fears can help you to move past them; acknowledging what makes you anxious can then help you work out new positive support mechanisms to build confidence and slowly learn to move past what's holding you back.

APRIL & May: Exhibitions & Workshops - 

An exhibition by Birmingham based artist Sophie Rose at The Artery Studios in Worcester
I went along to a local exhibition by artist Sophie Rose. I didn't get a chance to go to a workshop but I was hosting a series, does that count?

I’ve combined April & May’s themes to explore exhibitions and workshops! Find an exhibition to explore, it only has to be one, it could be a local artist or a larger exhibition combined with a trip? Ideally the exhibition will inspire you personally whether it’s an artist, science or history!

Challenge your growth and learn something new by booking on to a workshop! Whether it's a one off or a series, workshops are a great way to meet like minded people, develop new skills and learn more about yourself. 

Through learning more about your likes and dislikes you will gain confidence, letting others opinions in less and be able to stand proud in your self.

JUNE: Activities - 

This month is all about trying new activities, from mini golf to axe throwing, paddle boarding to wild swimming or how about gaming, hiking or rock climbing!! It could be anything, perhaps its joining some friends on something you would normally say no to or taking yourself along to something you're keen to try.

The reward to pushing yourself to try something new with feel so good, you might learn something about yourself, you might meet some new like minded people and you might just enjoy yourself.

Share what you find; tag us or message us on Instagram @artistsclubhouse or Facebook @weareartistsclubhouse and use the hashtag #anxiousexplorers

JULY: Adventures - 

More info is coming nearer the time, watch this space.

AUGUST: Personal challenges - 

More info is coming nearer the time, watch this space.

SEPTEMBER: Outdoors Adventures - 

More info is coming nearer the time, watch this space.

OCTOBER: Lean in to the season - 

More info is coming nearer the time, watch this space.

NOVEMBER: Review & planning - 

More info is coming nearer the time, watch this space.

DECEMBER: Social event - 

More info is coming nearer the time, watch this space.

Never feel that you have to share more than you want to, information about you personally is private to you, if you want to stay anonymous then we completely understand this. You can private message us and we can share images or words without your name attached or you can just talk to us and we won't share at all! 

If you need more information or further instructions to help you avoid any anxiety, then please do get in touch with feedback via email or social media so that we can improve our offering.

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