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Updated: May 14

A six part art club based on creative play & sketch-booking for joy. Inspired by fantasy, folklore & witchcraft.

“You’ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.” —The Wizard of Oz

Kirstie and I both possess a profound appreciation for the realms of fantasy and fiction, often integrating these themes as sources of inspiration within our respective artistic endeavours. Our fascination lies in the enigmatic allure and magical essence inherent in the exploration of the unknown, which serves as a powerful medium for narrative expression.

Motivated by this shared passion, we have curated a series of workshops that pay homage to these themes, seamlessly intertwining them with the liberating escapism inherent in both creativity and the natural world. While our vision may exude an air of whimsy, the foundation of our initiative rests upon the pragmatic application of creativity as a catalyst for fostering positivity and joy, thereby nurturing mental well-being through the augmentation of neurotransmitters associated with happiness.

Throughout each session, participants will embark on a guided voyage through the pages of their sketchbooks, as we impart techniques for channeling creativity as a means of transcendence and offer novel perspectives on deriving solace from the embrace of nature. Within our nurturing environment, devoid of judgment, individuals are invited to explore and express themselves freely, fostering a sense of relaxation and camaraderie as they embark on this transformative journey.

About this event:

Artists Clubhouse presents a 6-part art workshop by artists @kirstiegregoryart & @the_awkward_peach. Inspired by fantasy, folklore & witchcraft. Escape into your sketchbook and join us on a journey of creative play, experimentation and a little bit of magic.

This course is suitable for any level of artistic skill, from beginner wanting to learn new skills and ways of being more creative to professional artists looking to unblock their creativity.

All materials are provided for this course.

Week 1: The Magic of Nature - 10/04/24 (7-8.30pm)A mark-making session using a range of natural tools. Experimenting and playing with things you'd find deep in the forest, from mud and sticks to bark and flowers, learning ways in which to use easily available materials to be creative and connect with nature through art.

Week 2: Journal Your Journey - 17/04/24 (7-8.30pm)Art Journalling with collage. Starting with one piece of inspiration to build a story and start your sketchbook journey. 

Week 3: Making and Manifesting - 24/04/24 (7-8.30pm)Crafting with intention, pouring positive energy into your art making; creating wishes in a physical form to put them out to the universe.

Week 4: Escaping into a Fantasy World- 01/05/24 (7-8.30pm)Exploring escapism through art, creating a fantasy world within your sketchbook.

Week 5: Silhouettes & Stories - 08/05/24 (7-8.30pm)Shadow play. Creating shapes and silhouettes to tell a story, bringing your fantasy world out from the pages of your sketchbook. 

Week 6: Drawing on Reality - 15/05/24 (7-8.30pm)Magical still life study. Using different creative mediums and drawing techniques to connect with the page inspired by the themed subject matter. 

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