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Updated: May 14

An exhibition showing how creativity can be used as a tool for mental wellness & joy.

Artists Clubhouse presents a Creative Club exhibition!

A culmination of the work created in our TNL Community Funded project which travelled around Worcestershire showing individuals ways in which creativity can provide positivity in your life and support their mental wellbeing. Art skill and judgement is left at the door and replaced with self discovery and play through a series of activities. 

During our workshops we took photos of work created and then sent participants off with their sketchbooks with an incentive to continue to play creatively and an offer to be part of our exhibition. These experimentations in creative play are what make up the exhibition, celebrating and sharing the positive impact that creative hobbies can have on an individual, with the hope that it will encourage more people to have a go.

During the week of our exhibition at the Artery Studios we hosted 3 final Creative Club workshops along side a fabulous guest workshop, Art of Emotion by Sounds Omazing who used music to introduce participants to the idea of movement and creation.

You can watch our video tour for more information here: 


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