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"Art is for Everyone" - a statement that has inspired a tiny toilet take over.

During the first lock down caused by the 2020 pandemic I started an #ARTCLUB, originally designed to help my mum cope with being in isolation. Coming up with daily themes for us to draw and send each other. I decided to share this on social media incase anyone else wanted to join in. Over the next few weeks more people had joined in and it became a brilliant small community of artists, doodlers and squigglers. 

With nothing to do and everyone feeling exasperated and lost, life plans put on hold, fear of losing someone close, not being able to hug friends and family through such a weird time, people took to doodling enthusiastically, something to entertain the brain and separate out the day. A few participants even showing signs of improvement in their skills and finding a new confidence and hobby. It became a really positive and fun part of the day and helped people feel less alone, me included.

Inspired by this body of isolation art, Michelle at The Burger Shop approached me with an idea to put together a gallery of peoples creations. 

After working with Estee Alleno-Powell on Lucky Cat, a new restaurant that Michelle was involved with concepting and setting up, she knew Estee would be the perfect person to bring this idea to life. 

Estee designed the concept for the gallery space around the theme “Art is for Everyone”, a statement which I truly believe; art should be a part of everyones lives and can really help your mental health. 

Through an Instagram call out to artists we had lots of emails with a large variety of work showing all sorts of disciplines and skill, from quick doodles to oil paintings, embroidery to tattoo design.

What an amazing body of work to come out of such a difficult year, it has come together as a beautifully, bright statement of resilience and joy.

Sitting and looking at the finished gallery both me and Estee didn’t want to leave…you don’t get that from many toilets I don't think.

FYI the reason for the toilet is a) we couldn’t hang the art on the brick walls in the restaurant without damaging them and b) we loved the idea of a private space, an experience you weren’t expecting and a quiet space to reflect on your own personal journey during 2020.

Email me on and let me know.

If you require any further information on the artists involved please visit you can also contact us on Instagram @esteeangeline, @artistsclubhouse or @burgershop_worc

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