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Our collaborative art trail with Worcester Film Festival for 2023

Worcester Film Festival X Artists Clubhouse' Lights, Camera...Paint! 2023 Art Trail 

Our 2023 Lights, Camera...Paint! art trail ran from 1st September - 8th October across the city of Worcester featuring 20 different posters in 17 locations, the poster artwork was created by local artists and organisations as part of this years Worcester Film Festival.

This is the second year of Lights, Camera...Paint!, which created a free art walk, bringing residents and visitors a different way of seeing the city. The trail ran city centre, up along the Tything to Barbourne with some fabulous local venues hosting each poster.  The art trail was designed to bring film fans together, capture the viewers imagination and start conversations around art, creativity and film, along with highlighting the vast array of job roles that feature art in the making of a movie.

We'd like to thank all the artists and venues for getting involved in this project, and a special thanks to County Councillors Malcolm Victory, Mel Alcott and Matthew Jenkins and City Councillor Lynn Denham for their funding, with which we could not have created this years project!

Scroll on for all the details about the artworks, artists and venues that hosted them:

1. Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo by Lili Ismail

Instagram @lili_ismails_art

This poster was hosted by Barbourne Bicycles, 45 Barbourne Road, Worcester, WR1 1SA.

Having travelled through Monaco on one of my summer Holidays, as a child, I always remember the beautiful seascapes and palm trees as we drove by. 'Herbie goes to Monaco' is one of my favourite films, as it brings back memories with the cutest car, who has a mind of its own! By Lili Ismail , age 23 , illustration student.

2. Hill Top by Leanne Challoner

Instagram @leanne_sarah

This poster was hosted by Petal & Pad, 41 Upper Tything, Worcester, WR1 1JZ.

Inspired by ‘Miss Potter’ and the home she lived in. These were my favourite stories growing up and I wanted to create a safe haven for the characters that Beatrix Potter brought to life over the years. I chose watercolours as I feel they reflect the beauty and calming nature of the countryside. 

3. I Solve Problems! by Dave Webb

Instagram @illustrateddave

This poster was hosted by The Sociable Beer Company, 6 Britannia Road, Worcester, WR1 3BQ.

Inspired by the film Pulp fiction. Winston Wolfe is a ‘problem solver’ who only plays a small part in the overall story but is intertwined into the many sub-plots of it. I’m in no way comparing myself to him but I see what I do as solving problems.

4. No Fate by George French

Instagram @georgerfrench

Facebook @George French Art

This poster was hosted by Maelhaus Vintage and Designer, 16 The Foregate, Worcester WR1 3QD.

My poster is inspired by James Cameron’s Terminator 2. I love the intensity of the chase between the T-1000, the T-800, John and Sarah Connor in this film and I wanted to try and capture that in this piece. Hasta la vista, baby! 

5. Singing in the Rain - Finding Joy in Every Day 

by ONSIDE's Timeout Creativity Community Group

Instagram/Facebook @onsideadvocacy

This poster was hosted by Tealith Bubble Tea, 70 Broad Street, Worcester, WR1 3LY.

We chose ‘singin in the rain’ as our film for the fun and feel good aspect of the main soundtrack song and the positive affirmation of even when its raining we can sing and have a smile on our face. Our artwork has been created by our timeout creative community group. There is a lovely quote in the film - “If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, it makes us feel as though our hard work ain't been in vain for nothin'.” which is what we hope to achieve in our timeout courses and creative community group. Timeout is run by ONSIDE (Charity no: 1102022) in Worcestershire. For more information on timeout please visit

6. It's Only Forever by Donna Saunders

Instagram @doodlesbydonna

This poster was hosted by The Dice Box, 9 The Shambles, Worcester, WR1 2RF.

My uncle introduced me to Labyrinth when I was a little girl, He also introduced me to art. I would while away hours on a Sunday afternoon looking at his watercolour paintings in his portfolio and organising his watercolour paints in colour order. I’m “forever” thankful for him introducing a hobby that I love and recently being a distraction to my chronic illness diagnosis.

7. Take Riley to the Moon by Catt Standen


This poster was hosted by House of Haby, Unit 12, Market Hall, The Shambles, Worcester WR1 2RA.

Disney Pixar's Inside Out is one of my go to movies and I could watch it everyday if I had to! I remember watching it for the first time and balling my eyes out as it addresses so much, in such a delicate way. Not only is the animation inspiring, but the morals within the movie are so important. I wanted my submission to be a ‘if you know you know’ moment and to represent the importance of remembering the good times in life.

8. Worcester's Watchful Protector by Parth Trivedi


This poster was hosted by Spin The Black Circle, 19-21 Pump Street, Worcester, WR1 2QX.

My work is inspired by Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. Batman is my favourite character to draw & Tim Burton’s film was the first time we saw the dark, gritty Batman we know and love from the comic books glide onto the big screens. I loved how great Gotham looked and the art deco/ film noir aesthetic in the movie was just amazing. When I first moved to Worcester and saw the Cathedral, I couldn’t help but picture Batman standing on top & looking over the city (maybe I have been reading too many comic books) and that’s what inspired me to do this illustration.

9. Gheluvelt - but could be - Jurassic park by Richard Nicholls

This poster was hosted by Spin The Black Circle, 19-21 Pump Street, Worcester, WR1 2QX.

There's an exotic-yet-ancient looking tree hidden away amongst the foliage in Gheluvelt Park that I see when walking my dog. It always reminds me of a primeval forest and I've taken a few photos of the tapered base of the tree trunk showing through the 'forest' at various times. I've used one of those images with another taken of a borrowed toy dinosaur, photo-montaged together to create a scene that is reminiscent of Jurassic Park.

10. Way of the Dragon by Acidtate

Instagram @acidtate

This poster was hosted by Retroids Arcade Bar, 2 New Street, Worcester, WR1 2DN.

My poster is inspired by the film Way of the Dragon because as a child I grew up binge watching this film and was obsessed with Bruce Lee, which in turn lead me to my love for Martial Arts. Training in Jiu-Jitsu  gave me discipline and structure which I’ve used through my life and use in my art career. So this film has shaped who I am today and I wanted to pay homage to this film with my alternative film poster. 

11. Solace by Anne Guest

Instagram @anneguest.artist

This poster was hosted by Globe Modern Bistro, 41 Friar Street, Worcester, WR1 2NA.

My artwork is inspired by the film Where the Crawdads Sing. Kya is repeatedly abandoned by the people she loves and her only solace is nature. She lives alone in the wilderness and spends her life observing nature and collecting natural objects including feathers and shells which she also draws and has published. She gives a shell to a boyfriend who is later found dead in suspicious circumstances and the shell provides the key to who the murderer was many years later.  

12. Mary Poppins 

by The ladies and gentlemen who attend the Age UK at Chantry House and Nora Parsons Dementia Meeting Centres.

Instagram @AgeUKwmhFacebook @AgeUKWorcester&MalvernHills

This poster was hosted by Globe Modern Bistro, 41 Friar Street, Worcester, WR1 2NA.

This artwork has been inspired by the film Mary Poppins. The members at Age UK Dementia Meetings Centres have created this artwork by colouring pictures which have been amalgamated into one piece of art. This activity started conversations between the members and staff/volunteers and enabled the members to reminisce about the film and what the first thing they thought of when they heard the words ‘Mary Poppins’. Age UK Worcester & Malvern Hills is a charity who engage older people within the community with activities and deliver a variety of local services. For more information please contact: 01905 724294 (Worcester Office), 01684 560666 (Malvern Office), 07494762138  (Tenbury Outreach) or visit our website at

13. The Secret Garden 

by the clients and tutors from New Opportunities Worcestershire, an NHS service helping clients in their mental health recovery by engagement in a range of meaningful activities.

Instagram @Whct_NOWFacebook @NewOppsWorc

This poster was hosted by Harrison Clark Rickerbys Solicitors, 5 Deansway, Worcester WR1 2JG.

This collaborative piece was inspired by the film ‘The Secret Garden’. Our service fosters health and wellbeing and we felt this theme reiterates the importance of nature and seeking a calm, safe place within recovery. Many of the items created are inspired by and created within nature, developing skills in a safe space, from our groups running art, craft, photography, horticulture and woodwork. 

14. Life Finds A Way by Leo Pawlin

Instagram @leopawlinart

This poster was hosted by Script Haven, 104 High Street, Worcester, WR1 2HW.

This piece is inspired by the film Jurassic Park, one of my absolute favourites. The piece is called ‘Life finds a way’, an iconic line from the first film. I have always LOVED dinosaurs, and loved the heart and soul poured into this film, from the soundtrack to the models rather than complete CGI used for the dinos. 

15. Death on the Nile by Beverley Ismail

Instagram @beverley.ismail.artist

This poster was hosted by Art is Ar't the Gallery, 14 Chapel Walk, Worcester, WR1 3LD.

Having travelled to Cairo in Egypt for some 30 years and experienced its magical wonders and history, 'Death on the Nile' written by author Agatha Christie has been an enchanting mystery film favourite. Sailing via felucca on the Nile during sunset certainly has inspired me as an artist.

16. When All Other Lights Go Out by Ella Buchanan

This poster was hosted by The Dart Side, Angel Mall, Angel Place, Worcester, WR1 3QT.

"And to you Frodo Baggins, I give you the light of Earendil, our most beloved star. May it be a light for you in dark places when all other lights go out." From Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring. I wanted to capture a celestial light illuminating darkness, and used mixed media to create an abstracted version of this. 

17. Legend (1985) by Pingriff

Instagram @pingriff

This poster was hosted by The Dart Side, Angel Mall, Angel Place, Worcester, WR1 3QT.

I chose to draw the film "Legend" directed by Ridley Scott. I've always found this, Alien and Blade runner very visually inspiring, out of those three I went with this one because I felt like drawing something more traditional fantasy based. I also wanted to draw a film that used practical effects rather then cg. The look of this film is brilliant, every shot looks like a fantasy painting and the creature makeup is incredible. I highly recommend you give it a watch (especially if you're a creative).

18. The Lion King 

by The clients and staff of Headway Worcestershire.

Instagram/Facebook @headwayworcestershire

This poster was hosted by The Hive, Sawmill Cl, The Butts, Worcester, WR1 3PD.

Headway Worcestershire is an independent charity offering support to adults with acquired brain injuries. Creative activities are a fantastic therapy for our clients, so we were thrilled to be able to take part in this project. Clients and staff have created a range of artwork inspired by the Disney film 'The Lion King', drawing ideas from the film as well as the beautiful African landscape, animals, tribal prints, and patterns found in nature. Artwork was created using mixed media; collage, paint, and print techniques using found objects, as well as a handmade rag wreath lion and an African sunset painted chair! Contact info is: Headway Worcestershire, The Mill, Gregory's Mill Street, Worcester, WR3 8BA. Tel: 01905 729729 or find us on our website

19. The Small Things by Adam Davis

Instagram @adam_davis.illustrations

This poster was hosted by SLAP Magazine, Arch 30 Croft Road, Worcester, WR1 3BD.

 I chose to create a piece based on Wall-e after rewatching it with my son. It's always been a film I have enjoyed for its scope and depiction of the weighty topics of consumerism and its effect on our individual and societal wellbeing, as well as its impact on the environment. However, it is not so much that it challenges these often harmful ways of life, but rather how it does so with such an innocence and sense of wonder, often portrayed by the importance of the small things that make our existence whole, that you cannot help but feel hopeful for a future. This is something that, after having become a father, is of far more personal significance. 

20. The Sensibilities of Ichuime by Sophie Rose Walters

Instagram @sophieroseee1

This poster was hosted by The Artery Studios, Arches 28-29 Croft Road, Worcester, WR1 3BD.

My art piece is inspired by Barbie. I do a lot of Japanese artwork and during my recent set of pieces the Barbie movie came out and it inspired me to create a beautiful kimono created of different pinks and coral patterns.

All work is an original by the artists and turned in to movie style posters by us, copyright of the original artwork belongs to the artists and in the poster format to Artists Clubhouse. Please contact artists directly to purchase or find out more about original works.

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