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Journalist and radio DJ, Pasquale Abate has written a great review of what we've been up to over the last year and why we are doing it...

Artists Clubhouse is a much needed addition to the local creative scene, as it aims to bring together local artists and businesses by offering workspaces and opportunties for collaborations. What differs about Artists Clubhouse is its strategy to use creative activities as a way to combat mental health issues. As we all know mental health is a very serious matter and has become the topic of discussion, particularly in regards to what's going on in the world today. People have been suffering and unable to socialise and engage in the way that they are used to, this has caused a spike in anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Artists Clubhouse looks to invite both artists or complete novices the opportunity to have a go at art, this is very comforting as there will be no judging on ability or who's the best, just people having a go at being creative and most importantly having fun and being happy.

Smaller towns and cities have always had problems keeping their creative talent, as opportunities can be limited and causes the reoccurring issue where local creatives move to larger cities with more going on and more of a chance to succeed and get paid. Although you may argue and ask the question how do these small towns/cities compete with places like London or Manchester? The answer is you can't, but more can certainly be done. Artists Clubhouse is an example of this and hopes to be able to offer paid opportunities as well as voluntary, by collaborating or providing spaces where artists can practice and show their art. We have seen this already with local businesses such as The Burger Shop, where artists were invited to showcase artwork within the business premises, this is very encouraging to see as it provides exposure for both the artists work and the business itself and could lead to further paid work for artists in the future.

Artists Clubhouse has been helping to find artists for the NHS NOW WER'E TALKING WITH ART campaign. This particular campaign looks to get people out of the house and partake in a visual art trail, that showcases some of the local gems across the West Midlands. This is a great project which gets people engaged and active by using art as a means to combat the stigma that surrounds mental health. As you may know a key way to fight mental health is to exercise and to keep your mind engaged and focussed, this does both and is suited to anybody from all walks of life, because mental health concerns and conditions can affect anyone of us no matter who we are or where we come from.

Overall Artists Clubhouse looks to be a very important business for the local community and beyond, its emphasis on Mental Health and the strides it has already made is very impressive. Artists from smaller cities and towns can now look to the future with more optimism in knowing that there are people/businesses who want to make a difference and provide the opportunities that their talents deserve. It is great to see such positivity and togetherness within the local community and I believe that the local creative industry is in good hands with businesses such as Artists Clubhouse around.

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Article Written by Pasquale Abate (@sonopask on Instagram, find more by Pasquale here:

Main image taken by @thedanishpoppstry (on Instagram)

Art in image by Mr Sce (@mr_sce on Instagram)

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