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Worcester Film Festival x Artists Clubhouse Art Trail 2022

'Lights, Camera...Paint', our collaborative art competition with Worcester Film Festival with 20 movie inspired posters that were displayed across Worcester city centre in the run up to the 2022 festival. Each poster showing a piece of amazing artwork inspired by films of all genres by some fantastic artists, find out all about each piece here. 

Purchase a selection of the film festival posters here or the original art prints via the artists directly.

Find out more about the Worcester Film Festival here

'A Daydream Away' by Simone Malin (@medeaillustration)

Inspired by the 1989 film Kiki's Delivery Service by director Hayao Miyazaki who is also known for the animated films Ponyo and Howl's Moving Castle.

"A Daydream Away is a mixed media piece, created with acrylic gouache, inks and pencil crayon. Studio Ghibli films have a large place in my heart and got me through a lot of my illustration degree. Kiki’s Delivery Service shows us how it’s okay to walk your own path, and to take your time to work on yourself and your craft. Miyazaki’s focus on the small moments in life follow me through into my own work where I try to add those quiet moments that make life so abundantly wonderful."

Find at the Royal Porcelain Works on Severn Street (@royalporcelainworks) in the window by the Piston Gin Distillery between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'The Delinquents' by Stefanie Strecker (@once_upon_a_painting)

Inspired by the film The Delinquents, a love story set in 1950s Australia and directed by Chris Thomson.

"This painting is inspired by the movie "The Delinquents" from 1989 starring Kylie Minogue (and Charlie Schlatter). In this picture you see Lola and also Lola and Brownie cycling in shade format. I feel this movie is underrated and has a beautiful yet tragic storyline portraying life in Australia."

Find at the Royal Porcelain Works on Severn Street (@royalporcelainworks) in the window by the gallery between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Wes Anderson' by Estee Angeline (@esteeangeline)

Inspired by the beautiful and iconic Wes Anderson films; The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Buy Estee's original artwork here 

Find at the The Globe Modern Bistro (@globemodern) on Friar Street between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Godzilla, King of Worcester' by Martyna Kedzia

Inspired by the 1956 film Godzilla, King of the Monsters but this time he's stomping all over the city of Worcester, with the recognisable Cathedral in the forefront as a view from Fort Royal park.

Find at the The Globe Modern Bistro (@globemodern) on Friar Street between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'5x100 Days of Summer' Community Art Project by Artists Clubhouse

We asked our social media community to spread some sunshine. Each sunshine was created by a different person out of lot of different creatives mediums from doodles to photos to tattoos to fabric and pull them all together in to a lovely community art piece, somewhat inspired by the 2009 film 500 Days of Summer.

Find at the Meeting Place Cafe (@meetingplacecafe) on Friar Street between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Waynes World' by Mark Pingriff (@pingriff)

Inspired by the 1992 movie Waynes World, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year this painting really invokes the fun of the movie! Party time, excellent.

Find at Spin the Black Circle (@spintheblackcircleworcs) on Pump Street which is a record store and cafe that newly opens this month between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Fury Road' by Jain McKay (@jainmckay)

Inspired by the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road, which revisits the futuristic post-apocalyptic wasteland. This time with Tom Hardy at the helm instead of the original stoic hero played by Mel Gibson in the 1980s classic movies.

Find at Spin the Black Circle (@spintheblackcircleworcs) on Pump Street which is a record store and cafe that newly opens this month between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Dream' by Martyn Iles (@martynilesphotography)

Black and white photograph inspired by the 2010 multi-layered dream scape film, Inception. Directed by Christopher Nolan, this film left the audience asking questions and is a definite must watch.

Find at JINGO (@jingo_clothing) on Pump Street between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'A Walk Through Middle Earth' by Sophie Faulkner (@_sophie020)

Inspired by the 2001 film Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring.

"Having grown up in New Zealand and been obsessed with the fantasy genre, it’s no wonder I quickly fell in love with The Lord of the Rings. Here I have captured some of the iconic scenery in a dreamy pastel palette showing the mystical nature of Middle Earth."

Find at Triple B Belgian Beer Cafe (@tripleb01) on Copenhagen Street between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022 .

'Luca' by Niamh Mumford (@niamh.paints)

Inspired by the beauty of the surroundings in the Disney/Pixar film Luca from 2021.

"This film is beautiful as it’s set in Italy so I really wanted to create a piece that has that summery atmosphere and reflects the beauty which is seen in the film."

Find at the Elgar School of Music (@elgarschoolofmusic), opposite the Deansway Campus of HOW College between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Which Way' by Nicola Brooks (@noodlesinkart)

This beautifully trippy art piece is inspired by all the versions of the Alice in Wonderland universe and Alice's confusing journey.

Find at the Elgar School of Music (@elgarschoolofmusic), opposite the Deansway Campus of HOW College between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'The Many Faces of Labyrinth' by Davinia Dyson (@daviniadysonart)

Inspired by the 1986 film Labyrinth, starring a goblin king David Bowie and a whole bunch of Jim Henson puppets.

"Labyrinth truely deserves it's place as a cult classic and this is my way of honouring the film by choosing the six main characters and doing them in a pop art style."

Find at Art is Art, The Gallery (@art_is_art_the_gallery) in Crowngate Shopping Centre between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Bond, James Bond' by Dale Cullinane (@daleillustration)

Inspired by all of the James Bond films.

"I chose to create a James Bond poster because of two main reasons. One, it's one of my favourite film franchises. The second being, that very same franchise is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. I initially set about creating a poster about one of the twenty five James Bond films. Though I wanted to celebrate the whole franchise, I couldn't do that with just one film. I created a poster that instead includes the six leading actors to play the titular role of James Bond."

Find at The Cakebox in Broad Street ( between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Queen Narissa' by Leo Pawlin (@leopawlinart)

Inspired by the brilliant 2007 film Enchanted, where a animated princess falls in to reality and struggles to cope with the harness of New York city.

"Enchanted has been my favourite film since I was a kid. However, I always found myself drawn to the character of the extravagant villain, the beauty and the colours of the dragon enchanting to me. Despite first watching this film at age 6, I still love it at 20."

Find at The Works (@worksstores) in Crowngate Shopping Centre between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Game Over' by George French (@georgerfrench)

Inspired by the 1986 follow up film to Alien, Aliens. One of James Camerons favourites starring Sigourney Weaver and some straight talking marines.

"The last thing a lowly marine sees before he meets a grisly end. Game over!"

Find at New Look (@newlook_worcester), by the Broad Street entrance between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Midsommar' by Matthew Gleeson (@matt.g.illustration)

Inspired by the beautiful yet disturbing 2019 psychological horror film Midsommar, directed by Ari Aster and staring Florence Pugh.

Find at New Look (@newlook_worcester), by the Broad Street entrance between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Beneath the Teeth' by Katie Glover (@katieglovergraphics)

Inspired by the classic film Jaws which has been re-released in 3D and is showing in selected theatres now.

"For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the sea since watching the 1975 classic ‘Jaws’. A favourite for many, the film focuses on a small seaside town terrorised by the infamous Great White Shark. Saviours come in the form of the town’s police chief, shark biology expert and a man at one with the sea. They take a boat out in the depths with hopes of killing the beast; only to discover, they may need a bigger boat.. To create this piece I went with a hyper realism style to capture the shock factor and eerie atmosphere reflected in the film. I wanted to create drama, impact and an eye catching artwork, to truly reflect the masterpiece that is Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jaws’."

Find at New Look (@newlook_worcester), by the Broad Street entrance between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Tethered Items' by Abbi Browning (@abbitofink)

Inspired by Jordan Peele directed horror film Us from 2019 and starring Lupita Nyong'o and Elizabeth Moss.

Find at The Sociable Beer Company (@thesociablebeercompany) on Britannia Road between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'Over the Rainbow' by Beverley Ismail (@beverley.ismail.artist)

Inspired by the 1939 film Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland.

"My all time favourite and recognised as one of cinema's most defining films, Victor Flemings 'Wizard of Oz'. A magical musical masterpiece bringing monochrome filmmaking into the vibrant era of inspiring!"

Find at Petal and Pad (@petalandpad) in Upper Tything between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

'XXX' by Sean Fairclough (@slothvisual)

Inspired by this years horror film, X. Directed and written by Ti West this film is evocative of the classic 1970s slasher movies, lots of blood with a Stevie Nicks led soundtrack.

Find at Barbourne Bicycles on Barbourne Road between 17th Sept - 16th Oct 2022.

If you find any of our pieces of art out in the real world then please tag us on social media so we can share your pictures:

Instagram @artistsclubhouse

Facebook @weareartistsclubhouse

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