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Creating your happy

  • 52Weeks
  • 19Steps


We have created our online course to support you in your personal growth, using creative activities to enforce positive coping strategies and gain more joy from the everyday. You will be guided through steps to first help you find calm, then building you up through knowledge of yourself, gaining confidence; moving on to adjusting your mind set, opening up to new opportunities and setting goals to keep joy in your life. ​ I am not a certified therapist or professional counsellor. However, I base my approach on personal experience, the knowledge I've gained, and my sincere belief that these strategies can guide you toward a more positive and fulfilling life. ​ Once purchased you have access for a full year. Approximate course time based on one activity per week = 19 weeks. ​ © Emily Johnson, 2024 Course details - Switching off We go through different ways to switch your mind off through creative play, helping you to deal with overwhelm and stress. - Confidence building We go through a series of activities working on confidence building by talking about the things you love and enjoy and playing with new ideas. - Adjusting your mindset These activities talk you through ways to see the world in a new light, adjusting your surroundings or your point of view. ​ - Future proofing We guide you through activities created to help you move forward in daily life with more purpose and continuing to find joy and happiness.

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